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Dec 7, 2013 6:05pm EST
roosevelt's vice presidential candidate in the 1944 election. and joe kennedy says to harry truman, 'harry, what are you doing working for that crippled sob who killed my son joe?' c-span: there's a woman that is always around fdr in your book, someone named margaret suckley, daisy suckley. who was she and where did you get the information about her? >> guest: daisy suckley was a distant cousin of roosevelt. c-span: she's in the middle in this picture. >> guest: let me take a little closer look. yes. and daisy suckley was a person who roosevelt would confide in, things that he would not tell to anybody else. he felt perfectly comfortable. because she adored him, he knew he had her absolute trust. so he to--he told her things that, for example, would have very much surprised other members of the--of the roosevelt team, one of which was the state of fdr's health. from the last year at least of fdr's life, he w--he was a dying man. he had been examined at the bethesda naval center by cardiologists that realized he had astronomic blood pressure, that he was suffering from hardened--har
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1